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Israel hosts around 2 million tourists per year.
Tourists visit Israel seeking to explore the unique natural and historical sites of this country, which has been situated at a crossroads between competing civilizations for millennia. Many visit as pilgrims, anticipating visits to the places mentioned in Scripture.

If you're considering a visit with an organized tour group, many operators are at your service and all employ guides.
If you are a group of friends, a family, a couple or even an individual, perhaps you'd like to choose for yourself where to go and what to see, however, a guide book can't cover the scope that a trained licensed tour guide can, nor can it answer your questions; explain historical, geo-political or geological processes in an overview; or tell you the often remarkable personal stories connected to the place you visit.
Taking a tour guide need not mean 24/7. You choose when and where that's where I come in.
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Traveling to Israel?

I offer you total value for money and dedication as your personal Tour Guide. My service can help you prioritise your wish-list, plan your route and where to stay for best access and guide you either for all of your vacation, or only the specific days you choose, tailored to your budget.


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